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About Lakshiya

We have made this software to reduce your burden and practical difficulties of professional accounting. Even laymen who have no experience in accounting can manage their company's invoices and accounts hassle-free with our online invoice generator.


Are you struggling to handle accounts for your company or house accounts?

Do you feel it is difficult to manage your company and house accounts? Use our online invoice generator.

Does your business require professional accounting, but you have no accounting skills? Use our simple accounting invoice software! Free for 1 year. (1500 worth)

To manage accounts/invoice software without accounting knowledge. Use our simple invoice software

Just log in and use it - very simple, just like using your email or Facebook, our software guides you step by step, very simple and easy to create invoices, manage payment tracking, and much more.


Software Features


Single click invoice - Users can generate invoices by selecting their customer and entering the product description, unit, and rate. Once the invoice is generated it will be updated automatically on the client invoice list. Autocomplete saves plenty of your time on the company name, clients, items, and products.

TDS Account

If TDS is deducted from your invoice when you enter the income amount in our software, there will be a separate column for TDS and the actual payment received will be stored in TDS accounts with the invoice number and customer details.


The success of a business is regular monitoring of the financial status. For accounts, we need to keep track of outstanding payments. In our tools dashboard, you can find the total outstanding payments.

Vendor Due

After developing the software, we kept in mind that the ISO vendor payment standards and Total vendor dues will be displayed in the dashboard along with the overdue invoices separately.

Credit Card

One of the biggest problems faced by small business owners or credit expenditures and payments. When you add expenditure by using a credit card purchase, it is automatically stored in the credit card account. It will be displayed on the dashboard.


Our dashboard displays only the current monthly records. Monthly expenses, income, reports, credit card due to payment everything will be easy to maintain on the dashboard itself. It was specially designed for those who don't have much knowledge of accounts. We aim to provide a simple way of account management.


Loan Receivables - you can manage the receivable loan amount and personal details by adding the receivable loan. Payable Loan - When lending money from other sources, you can add it to our accounts with a payable loan. It is easy to manage


In a single click the entire transaction of the entire financial year income, expenses, loans payable, loans receivable, outstanding invoices, vendor dues, credit card dues, all bank balances, the total amount of TDS accounts, and petty cash.


In the auditor module, you can find a single click of the downloadable auditor required data for the income tax filing. It avoids searching for data for the auditor at year-end.

Master Settings

The master setting helps you create an account by adding your company name, address, mobile, phone, email, account name, account number, bank account, credit card account, branch, IFSC, photo, and user profile.


  • The custom invoice with your company logo or brand
  • Dashboard - overview of your invoices and accounts month-wise.
  • Clone already created an Invoice to easily for a new client
  • Auto suggestions of your services are products in item descriptions
  • No prior knowledge required to maintain or manage your account, anyone can start using this software immediately
  • Profit and loss of monthly reports are always visible on the dashboard. This will help boost your workflow.
  • In a single click the entire account report.
  • User-friendly invoice and payment receipt management
  • To-do list with staff task management software and reminder options added more value to this software
  • This software can be used as user friendly like an App in mobile view and to get easy access from anywhere, any time
  •  Upgrade your account from pen and paper into free online invoicing software
  • Transparency of accounts will help the user create more awareness of their money flow
  • Get client invoices and payment statements in a single click. You can also view the data by sorting the data.
  •  Easy to check old data for reference, unlike turning the pages and searching every time
  • Users will get the exact account calculation as stored by the user. In the traditional method of accounting (pen, calculator, and paper), humans can forget and miscalculate but computers never do this.
  • Homemakers can use this online invoice software without a diary or pen. 
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Step by Step of Lakshiya

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About the Product  

Lakshiya is our brand name for our online accounting applications, our online billing software or online invoice software helps you to maintain accounts effectively without accounting knowledge. This free online billing software can be efficiently used for service businesses and retail to wholesale traders and even for home finance. This software with full control can take a backup, store data, delete, edit, update, and generate reports. Everything will be stored online. This software can effectively analyze the profit and loss based on the monthly report in the dashboard. No need for prior knowledge to operate this invoice generator. It is even kid-friendly software, they can use it for their savings and expense notes.

This is free invoice software for 1 year and you can get continued support from us by subscribing to this online invoice software.  Online invoicing is the best way to maintain your money, anywhere anytime.

Guarantee band:

We are providing this software for 1 year for a free trial. After one year subscribes for next one year and continue with our service at Rs.1500/- per year. We strongly recommend you to use our software because the money-back guarantee option is also available.

Lakshiya FAQ

We got you coverd, check those faq if its not there just ask us.

Online Invoice software is an application that helps service industries to generate a bill for their products and services. Each invoice contains a list of products and services with the price and the total amount that needs to be paid.

Invoicing software is an important cloud application for small service industries. It is streamlined with many processes for the business. This online invoicing software is essential to maintaining your business expenses and income.

This software can be very useful for service industries, from small industries to big industries. This can also be useful for home accounting also.

Our company provides this software for a 6-month free trial. If users like this software they can subscribe to this with less amount. The most interesting option is that a money-back guarantee is available. The company is providing a continued support system.

Yes. Users can send their details to anyone by using one-click communication by email.


What our client say !

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